Discover More About Our Meal Program

 We are dedicated to ensuring our students are well-nourished and ready to excel academically. As part of our commitment to improving educational outcomes and promoting student well-being, BCCHS meal program implements the following strategies:

  1. Best Practices to Increase Participation:

- Offering universal meals to all students

- Providing breakfast at the entrance for easy access

- Implementing Grab & Go Breakfast options for convenient consumption in between classes

  1. Promoting the Meal Program to Build Student Buy-in:

- Advertising menu items to generate interest

- Sharing meal menus with students and parents

- Promoting and encouraging healthy and nutritious eating habits

- Collaborating with Student Leadership to gain their support and involvement

  1. Engaging Students:

- Conducting student surveys to gather feedback and preferences

- Conducting taste tests to involve students in the decision-making process

- Offering student incentives such as Scholar Dollars for participating in surveys and completing them


Through these initiatives, we strive to ensure that our students receive the nourishment they need while fostering a positive environment that promotes healthy eating habits.