New Interim Executive Administrator

Mr. Ruben Dueñas will serve as the Interim Executive Administrator for the remainder of the school year. He will take over the leadership of Bert Corona Charter High School for Mr. Larry Simonsen who has decided to pursue other opportunities for personal reasons.

Mr. Dueñas has been working for YPI Charter Schools in various capacities for the past 16 years. He has served as Principal and Executive Administrator of Bert Corona Charter (Middle) School, and as the Chief Operations Officer of YPI Charter Schools. As Chief Operations Officer, he helped to open BCCHS. While serving as the Interim Executive Administrator for BCCHS, Mr. Dueñas will continue with his responsibilities as Chief Operations Officer for YPICS.

Mr. Dueñas takes great pride from his family and his family history. He is the youngest son of immigrants. Mr. Dueñas is married to Rocio with whom he shares two daughters. His daughters are proud Bert Corona Charter School graduates!