Graduation Requirements

YPI Valley Public Charter High School’ graduation requirements, transferability from high school into college or universities will meet or exceed the national and state California Common Core State Standards as well as the A-G requirements of admission into the University of California and California State University. The following chart outlines this comparison and courses required for college and career-readiness:

YPI Valley Public Charter High School Curriculum/Graduation Requirements (built on State California Common Core State Standards for graduation for ALL students)

A. History/Social Studies; CA Grad: 3 years; UC Entry: 2 years
4 years: Geography A/B; World History A/B; U.S. History A/B; Government; Economics; Environmental Studies A/B; Constitutional Law A/B.

B. English; CA Grad: 3 years; UC Entry: 4 years
4 years: English 9A/B; English 10A/B; American Literature/Contemporary Composition; Expository Composition/Modern Literature

C. Math; CA Grad: 2; UC Entry: 3 years 
4 years: Integrated Math I, II, III (all A/B); Probability & Statistics or Calculus (both A/B) (Algebra and Geometry are included in Integrated Math.

D. Science; CA Grad: 2; UC Entry: 2 years 
4 years: Physics A/B; Chemistry A/B; Biology A/B; Environmental Science or Advanced Physics A/B (All science classes incorporate lab work.)

E. Foreign Language; CA Grad: 1 year of either; UC Entry: 2 years
2 years: Spanish 1 A/B; Spanish 2 A/B; Spanish 3 A/B; Spanish 4 A/B. Students have the option of taking foreign language proficiency tests at CSUN, UCLA or an AP test. Languages that can be credited in this manner include, but are not limited to, Japanese, Spanish and French.

F. Visual / Perf. Arts; CA Grad: 1 year of either; UC Entry: 1 years
1 year: Photography 1 A/B; Photography 2 A/B;

Health Education; CA Grad: 
year: embedded in the biology curriculum, with related projects in other classes

Physical Education (PE); CA Grad: 
years: Students from all grade levels play together in PE through X-Block activities implemented in consecutive 10-week sessions: volleyball, soccer, flag football, running, walking, Salsa, Dance Revolution Nintendo, yoga and calisthenics.

G. Core / College Preparatory; CA Grad: 
5 years: Economics; Introduction to Psychology; Journalism 1 A/B; Journalism 2 A/B; Philosophy A/B; Science Technology and Research 2 A/B; Drama A/B; Advanced Acting A/B; Environmental Studies A/B; Constitutional Law A/B; International Relations; Documentary Studies; Project Physics (solar car). In the past, Art Appreciation, Sociology A+ and Computer Programming were

Presentations of Learning (POL); CA Grad: 
ALL students at YPI Valley Public Charter High School are required to complete oral presentations to two teachers for a grade (and to industry/higher education partners, parents and others for practice) each year in order to articulate to the next grade or graduate. This important process, which will evolve over several years based on feedback from industry partners, teachers and students, will help to prepare them for both college and work and will become a major event, as students prepare and audiences engage. Our board members and all YPI Valley Public Charter High School staff will assist in locating panels of judges that will provide students with this “real-world” experience. English learners (ELs) and students with disabilities (SWDs) or behavioral problems will be supported in this process as they are individually able to participate.

Senior Internship and/or Senior Capstone Project; CA Grad: 
The Senior Capstone Experience/Senior Project is a student-selected exploration of a topic which will result in a research paper, a project or a product, and a presentation. The Senior Capstone Experience will move students away from departmentalized learning toward a more interdisciplinary approach. This approach is one which will allow students to use a variety of skills in the areas of writing, speaking, research, and documentation. Upon completion of the Senior Capstone Experience, students will have learned more about their topics, their community, and most importantly, about themselves. Internships are one of the most important ways students gain experience and start to make contacts within their field. Work experience at a respected company or organization can strengthen a student’s college application. An internship will allow one to explore potential careers and courses of study for college.

CAHSEE Pass Prep; CA Grad: 
All students must pass the CAHSEE to graduate. Students who have not passed enroll in a special month long, intensive class to prepare them for re-examination.

CTE; CA Grad: 
Permeates all learning, all classes

Computer Literacy; CA Grad: 
All students must be computer literate by 10th grade to keep up with the course work at YPI Valley Public Charter High School, which is designed to prepare them for 21st century living.